We provide you with up-to-date information from our trade association, and enlighten you on the latest trends and products. This in turn enables you to select products that are best-suited for promoting your name – with the added benefit of keeping your marketing budget intact.

Here are a couple vital statistics about promotional products that your current distributor may have failed to share with you:

• 81% keep promotional products for more than a year - that is repeat exposure! 

• 85% of promotional product recipients prefer an item that has a functionality or is useful to have

*According to the 2017 study conducted by the Promotional Products Association International


• You will never pay the retail price shown in our products search

• We’ll do the leg work for you. If you know what you want, let us know and we will send you a presentation with several options. Or if you are looking for ideas, we will put together a selection of products to match your event, target audience, and price point

• Monthly Specials! Every month we run a minimum of one special – so make sure you visit us often and click on our calendar

• We have a much more friendly sales tax rate of 7% versus the not-so-friendly rate you would pay with a distributor located in Chicago or Cook County.

You also get the peace of mind of a relationship with an A+ rated Better Business Bureau accredited member.